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Expert Witness Testimony

Over the last several years I have been hired to testify in court as an expert witness in Capitol Murder cases of adoptee parricides and/or homicides. Often working with the Public Defenders Office, most of the cases that I have been hired to work on involved juvenile adoptees, while others have been with older adult adoptees.

I have been qualified as an expert in adoption through my years of training and experience. The number of jurisdictions in which I have qualified as an expert has increased along with my reputation as a psychologist versed in adoption psychology and pathology. I am generally asked to appear as expert witnesses in cases that involve an adoptee and the:

  • Assessment of the adoptee’s mental state or state of mind at the time of the murder and/or to determine the grounds for a insanity plea.
  • Assessment of the adoptee’ s competency to stand trial.
  • Assessment of the prediction toward violence and future risk.
  • Administration of psychological tests when warranted.
  • Providing sentencing recommendations, treatment recommendations and mitigating factors surrounding the homicide.