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Teaching & Community Outreach

  • I have been an ongoing APSS trainer for various foster family agencies. I have been an ongoing APSS trainer for various foster family agencies.
  • Presenter at annual adoption conferences and retreats.
  • Writer/Creator of the 2003/2004 quarterly newsletter, TLC TRIAD NEWSLETTER. An outreach in education to the adoption community.

As an adoption educator in the child welfare community, I have taught:

  • The Perinatal Experience; an exploration into the psychological, emotional and social development of the unborn child
  • The Normative Developmental Crisis in Adoption; a look at the special circumstances that adoption adds to the developmental process
  • Why Adoptees Search, Motives and More; the search as a healing process
  • The Lifelong Issues in Adoption; issues for adoptees, first parents and adoptive parents
  • A Treatment Model for Clinicians; turning crisis into empowering and learning experiences for the adoptive family
  • Trauma and Treatment for the Constellation; a look at the role of disenfranchised grief and how it prevents healing
  • Adoption- A Lifelong Perspective; an educational framework for the lifespan issues in adoption
  • Strategies for Adoptive Parents; shaping the connection, creating change
  • Working Therapeutically with the Attachment Injured Child

As a presenter at national adoption conferences and retreats, I have presented:

  • Concerned United Birthparent’s Retreat, Redondo Beach, CA – Grief-The 5 Letter Unspoken Word
  • American Adoption Conference, Washington, DC – The Psychopathology Behind Adoptee Parricide
  • Concerned United Birthparents Retreat, Redondo Beach, CA – Disenfranchised Grief, Where It Comes From and How To Heal
  • National Adoption Conference, Los Angeles, CA – Adoptee Parricide, Trauma and Treatment
  • LAGPA Conference, Los Angeles, CA – LGBGT Adoptions, What You Need To Know
  • American Adoption Congress, Las Vegas, NV – Countertransference for the Adopted Therapist
  • Concerned United Birthparents Retreat, Carlsbad, CA – Panel of Adoption Mental Health Providers
  • American Adoption Congress, Los Angeles, CA – Support Group for Adoption Competent Therapist

Educational Instruction:

  • Westmark School, Tarzana, CA – School Issues for the Adopted Child
  • Valley Trauma Center, Van Nuys, CA – APSS Training-Healing the Attachment Injured Child
  • Vista Del Mar, Los Angeles, CA – The Normative Developmental Crisis in Adoptive Families
  • Children’s Bureau Foster Family Agency, Los Angeles, CA – Adoptive Parenting for Foster & Adoptive Parents
  • Children’s Bureau Foster Family Agency, Los Angeles, CA – Working Therapeutically with the Foster & Adopted Child
  • Temple Judea, Tarzana, CA – Parenting Your Adoptive Child
  • Los Angeles County Psychological Association – Understanding Psychological Traumas in Adoption
  • Sunday Salon Series – What Psychologists Need Know to Treat Members of the Constellation

College and University Teaching:

  • Ventura College, Ventura, CA – Adoption-The Lifelong Issues
  • University of California, Los Angeles, CA – Adoption- The Lifelong Issues
  • Moorpark College, Moorpark, CA-Adoption – The Lifelong Issues