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Teaching & Community Outreach

  • I have been an ongoing APSS trainer for various foster family agencies.
  • Presenter at the annual American Adoption Congress and Concerned United Birthparents Retreats
  • Writer/Creator of the quarterly newsletter, TLC TRIAD NEWSLETTER as an outreach in education to the adoption community.
  • Available for guest speaking, teaching and consultation for mental health professionals.


As an adoption educator in the child welfare community, I have taught:

  • Trauma and Treatment for the Constellation”, looks at the role of disenfranchised grief and how it prevents healing.
  • Adoption- A Lifelong Perspective” educational framework for the lifespan in adoption.
  • The “Perinatal experience”, an exploration of the psychological, emotional and social development of the unborn child.
  • The “Normative developmental crisis in adoption”, a look at the special developmental stages and circumstances that adoption adds to the developmental process.
  • Adoptive parenting, a journey into open adoption”.
  • Why adoptees search, motives and more”, the search as a healing process.
  • The “Lifelong issues in adoption”, issues for adoptees, birthparents and adoptive parents.
  • A treatment model for clinicians”, turning crisis into empowering and learning experiences for the adoptive family.