Search Resources

The Child Welfare Information Gateway (formerly the Adoption Information Clearinghouse) publishes a fact sheet called “Searching for Birth Relatives”
In addition they can proved you with a state by state list of national and local adult adoptee search and support groups, adoption experts and psychotherapists who specialize in adoption throughout the United States. To contact NAIC call them at (703) 352-3488 or (888) 251-0075 or visit their website:
ISSR, International Soundex Reunion Registry
This is a free international registry system that will match adoptees (over age 18 years or adoptive parents of children under the age of eighteen) and birthparents. To request an official registration form that is confidential, call (775) 882-7755 or visit their web site address:
ALMA, Adoptees Liberty Movement Association is an online search organization
There is a $50.00 fee to join for lifetime membership. Once you become a member you will be assigned a search assistant. Contact through their website:
CUB, Concerned United Birthparents provides monthly support groups to all members of the triad
For a listing of meetings call: (323) 960-8968 or 800-822-2777 or through their website:
WWR, World Wide Registry
A no cost site that will help match adoptees and birthparents that are searching for one another, visit their website: