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Dr. Tracy L Carlis

Are you triggered by feelings of sadness, loss or family problems due to an adoption issue? As a clinical psychologist specializing in adoption I can help by giving you the necessary tools to make meaningful and long lasting changes. As an adult adoptee I know from the inside what it takes to heal.

My goal is to empower and normalize your experience of being an adoptee, an adoptive parent or a birthparent so that you can lead a happier, more fulfilled personal, family and professional life.

Enlightenment is not an Attainment, It is a Realization.

“A dream”

D. Millman, Way of the Peaceful Warrior

I am in darkness at the foot of a great mountain, searching under every stone for a precious jewel. The valley is covered in darkness, so I cannot find the jewel. Then I look up at the shining mountain peak. If the jewel is to be found, it must be at the top. I climb and climb, beginning an arduous journey that takes many years. At last I reach my journey’s end. I stand bathed in bright light. My eyesight is clear now, yet the jewel is nowhere to be found. I look upon the valley far below, where I began the climb many years ago. Only then do I realize that the jewel had always been within me, even then, and that the light had always shined. Only my eyes had been closed.